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by on July 25, 2009 · 6 comments

We showed up on a couple other outposts in the blogosphere lately…

MVN Outsider carried our Cardinals Trade Deadline Preview just a few hours before the big Matt Holliday trade.

One of my favorite parts of that post?

As protective as Cardinals management has been of their minor-league system, I can’t see them parting with Wallace for a potential half-season rental.

Thanks for making me look like a jackass, Mo.

We also had some exposure on the Boston Red Sox blog Out of Center Field, waxing nostalgic about Chris Duncan.

Check both out, just don’t come back here laughing at me, ok?

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gforce July 25, 2009

We’ll all be laughing at ourselves if the Cubs or Brewers make a deal for pitching. I just wonder if Mo has any amunition left. At least there is plenty to talk about for the show tomorrow!

PH8 July 26, 2009

Oh stop being so negative. 🙂 In hindsight, and I mentioned this as the details of the deal were leaking out, I really wish Mo would’ve finagled Russ Springer into that Holliday deal.

gforce July 26, 2009

Man, we could definitely use some Springer action! At this point I would settle for anybody to save the bullpen. Todd would have been my answer…

PH8 July 29, 2009

Word is that the Cards are still on the lookout – but I’m thinking they don’t have much left to deal from. Being able to salvage Glaus + cash for a reliever was maybe their best hope.

Mark July 28, 2009

Hey if we go back in the archives you were thinking Chris Carpenter would be brilliant this year too.

When you make predictions unfortunately it’s usually when you are wrong and the person disagrees with you that the prediction is remembered.

PH8 July 29, 2009

Thanks for the reinforcement Mark, but the way Wainwright is going, Carp still has a way to go to completely validate my prediction there. 🙂

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