Cards’ Game 73 (06.24) – Loss at Mets

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I’m trying to get myself into a regular habit of writing again, so I decided yesterday (with credit due to a lot of other blogs that do this and inspired me a bit) to start writing quick game recaps – just a few things from each day’s post-game thoughts.

Unfortunately, I picked a bad day to start doing this.

The Cardinals did very little to cheer about save for Brendan Ryan and Skip Schumaker continuing to do well at the plate.  Trever Miller was the bright spot on the mound, which is telling, since he only pitcher to one batter.

Seemingly everything went wrong in this game, with errors, pitchers forgetting to cover first base, even the entire Redbird team apparently forgetting how many outs there were at one point.  Best to get it all out of the way in one game fellas.


Matthew Leach noted on Twitter that Schumaker has reached base 21 times in the last 9 games.  Not bad for a guy expected to be the table setter.  Now if only someone would clean the table behind him…

Joe Thurston continued to give away outs, no matter the side of the inning.  More on that tomorrow.

David Wright is good.  Can he expect to see some intentional walk treatment if the Mets lineup continues to be injury-riddled?

With Kyle Lohse’s return from the disabled list looming, Brad Thompson did little tonight to make a play to stay in the rotation.


Day baseball!  Cards and Mets finish off their four-game set at Citi Field with a 12:10pm CT start.  Chris Carpenter versus Johan Santana.  Who will flinch first?

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Mark June 25, 2009

I think Albert might be able to deliver Skip a few times. If they don’t give him the same treatment you think is required for Mr. Wright.

Well on the bright side there’s a day game right now so you don’t have to wait too long.

PHE June 25, 2009

Dunno if the treatment is “required” for Wright, just saying that there are managers who would employ it, based upon the look of the rest of the Mets lineup. 🙂

I love pitching duels.

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