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[Ed. note – below is one of a series of one question interviews completed before we left for vacation. Please keep in mind as you read that we are still cutting our chops asking “hard hitting questions” so I hope you all find these interesting. Today’s interviewee is Will Leitch, currently of New York Magazine and “Writer-at-Large/Editor Emeritus” of Deadspin, and dedicated Cardinals fan. Thanks Will!]

PH8: What is the most difficult thing about being a remotely located Cardinal fan, logistically and passionately?

Will Leitch: Honestly, in this day and age, I don’t find it difficult to follow the Cardinals at all from out of town. In fact, I find it easier than I did when I lived in St. Louis 10 years ago. I read the beat reporters (AND columnists!) on Twitter, watch every game live either on cable or on the Web, have a million people to talk about the team with online and an endless database of statistical resources. Sure, I can’t go talk to people at the bar about them … But I never did that anyway. I miss going to the park 15 times a year, but I’m still out there for at least six games a year, and catch them every time they’re in New York. I am not lacking in St. Louis Cardinals information and comfort.

[Ed. note – that was a perfect answer to our question, but we decided we wanted more (and that we didn’t properly challenge Will with that question). Thus, we hosed the idea of the One Question Interview.

PH8: I lied… I’m going to turn this into a two-question interview if you’d be so kind to oblige. As a follow up: What was it like watching your “hometown” team beat the team in your current city to win the NLCS in 2006 – more rewarding because you could trash talk the locals, or just happy to see the Cards get over that hump? What will be your lasting memory from that 2006 post-season run?

Will Leitch: You got it. Though I wrote a whole chapter of my book about this. (You should get it!) [Ed. note – bah, we screwed up again! Book is along with on vacation!] I’ll say that I am not much of a trash talker, and, frankly, I don’t many Cardinals fans who are. I found a group of Cardinals fans in NYC — people I now get together with once a month — and watched Game 7 with them. It was, and remains, one of the greatest New York City experience of my life. With a bunch of Cardinals fans, at a lousy bar in the Flatiron District.

You can read Will Leitch regularly at New York Magazine, Deadspin, and on his Tumblr site – The Will Leitch Experience. Follow Will on Twitter @williamfleitch.

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