[Redbird Reveille] Joel Pineiro wins, Ryan Franklin saves

by on April 28, 2009 · 2 comments

Tony LaRussa wanted the Cardinals to show they could win those games too.

The 3-2 affairs, the 2-1 dances.

The Cards proved they could win the close game on the back of (dare I say it?) a good performance by the bullpen.


Chris Perez slammed a door. Kyle McClellan did his best Jason Isringhausen impersonation, loading the bases before finishing off his inning.

Anyone still want to make KMac into a starter?


Brendan Ryan is sure making a strong case for his place on this team, eh? Ryan made a couple of pretty slick plays at shortstop last night, and figures to continue to see a significant number of at-bats at the middle infield positions.


Ryan Franklin has now converted all of his save opportunities and has yet to surrender a run.


Could there really be substance to his claims that he “felt bad” last season or “didn’t want to steal” Isringhausen’s role? He’s really owning it this season.


So who’s ready for Joel Pineiro to get a four-year deal that is larger than the $41mm plus that Kyle Lohse received from the Cardinals last year?

I wouldn’t rule it out, especially if Good Joel can keep this up. Here’s hoping it’s not the Cardinals.

In the meantime, who had their money on Pineiro keeping this starting rotation afloat while Chris Carpenter is on the disabled list?

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Jeff April 28, 2009

I’ve finally come to terms with Franklin closing, as long he is deployed only to get the final three outs. Let the kids who can bring the heat come in earlier with runners on.

PHE April 28, 2009

Agreed. I’ve also prepared myself for the firestorm that is sure to come if and when he blows the first one.

Until then, steady as she goes Frank.

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