Rasmus or Ankiel in centerfield?

by on April 21, 2009 · 2 comments

In our everlasting quest for knowledge and putting fingers on the “pulse” of the Cardinal fan base, we have a question for our loyal readers (all three of you) today:

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Obviously this question doesn’t take into equation the rotating nature of the Cardinal outfield, with Rasmus having played the corner positions as well.

But let’s work on this question first, in a vacuum, as if it were as simple as choosing one or the other – the loser goes away.

If you were the manager, who would be your everyday center fielder?

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Seals April 21, 2009

Right now, I think you give Rasmus most of the starts and let Ankiel earn more at-bats.

PHE April 21, 2009

Seals, what do you think of the comparison defensively?

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