[Redbird Reveille] Opening Day, Snow, Braves, and Women’s Final Four

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Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m trying to start up a daily morning post that will allow me to put up short tidbits (in addition to Twitter, Facebook, the UCB site, etc) on my thoughts from the previous night’s game, news and notes, etc.

I’m trying to keep things fresh for the loyal readers (all three of you) here.


First off, I obviously think this decision by our esteemed manager is bogus:


Pitchers Hit Eighth Ninth?


The NCAA Women’s Final Four is in St Louis this weekend (and into Tuesday).  They’re playing at Scottrade, which provides a bit more intimacy than the monstrous layout and spectacle up at Ford Field for the Men’s tourney.  UConn versus Louisville in the Women’s final (which is more than I can say for the much ballyhooed, over-hyped Big East on the Men’s side) on Tuesday night.  Check out the floor that they’re playing on (hat tip to Basketball Court Designs).  What do you think?  My first reaction was that it looks cluttered and overdone, but the more I see it on SportsCenter, I’m coming around to it…


So tomorrow is Opening Day.  Matthew Leach made reference tonight on the UCB Radio Hour that the folks at MLB.com treat the first day of the season as a capital “O”, capital “D” – Opening Day – sort of event.  I like that thinking and am adopting it here at PH8.  Let’s hope they can get the game in.


Speaking of Opening Day, you may have seen the guest post here from Josh at Redbirds Row from last night.  Well, I made a similar Opening Day retrospective post of sorts over at Josh’s site.  Check it out here.  Try not to get choked up reading it.


Tonight was the actual start of live, meaningful, counts-in-the-standings baseball.  The Atlanta Braves survived a late scare to beat back the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies on the strength of long balls launched via Brett Myers’ service.  Derek Lowe, on the other hand, was dealing.  I know he got a big payday and was likely never considered, but I still can’t help but think what prognisticators would be saying about the Cards this season if they had Lowe in the rotation as well.  If they were willing to spend $10mm per on Brian Fuentes, why not at least take a long look at a guy like Lowe?


Anyone think Jordan Schafer might get a surprise visit from the “random testers” after his bomb tonight?  No doubt his history is likely to follow him, despite his talent.


Finally, Monday is an important sporting day for more than Opening Day.  The Big Ten is repping strong with Tom Izzo and his Michigan State Spartans reaching the finals in Detroit.  As an Illini fan and alum, I’m generally inclined to root against and even despise Sparty.  For some reason, I find myself rooting for them this year.  Perhaps it’s that I’ve finally had enough of the Big Ten bashing and am riding the wave with our last remaining team, perhaps it’s that I still have my green State t-shirt from the t-shirt exchange that took place before the 2005 Final Four (organized by the Orange Krush and Izzone), but I think it also has to do with the amount of respect I’ve developed for Izzo over the years.  The Spartans have reached the Final Four five of the last eleven seasons.  Each player that has remained at MSU for four years has played in at least one Final Four.  Those are staggering numbers.  Izzo will go down as one of the greats.  Go Green!  Go White!

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Cardinal70 April 6, 2009

I’ve always written it as “Opening Day” as well. It just seems right.

PHE April 6, 2009

It really is a proper holiday, when you think about it.

ryan April 7, 2009

What do you guys think of these predictions?

PHE April 7, 2009

Braves and D’Backs are certainly outside-the-box picks.

I do love seeing the Cubs out and their “streak” continuing. 🙂

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