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Let’s see if I can remember who I picked to win divisions in the previous posts…

AL Playoffs

Cleveland Indians over New York Yankees

When Alex Rodriguez struggles upon his return from hip surgery, ultimately shutting it down in September, the window opens for the Evil Empire to go down.

Tampa Bay Rays over Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Further victory for “the little guy”.  MLB and their media partners will be banging their collective heads on their desks when they lose an LA vs NY ALCS for Cleveland vs Tampa.  Small market owners everywhere will rejoice.

Tampa Bay Rays over Cleveland Indians

As much as I love the Indians and I am convinced that they have a great run in them with the current nucleus (maybe 2007 was their golden opportunity missed), Tampa is just so strong in every aspect.  They have pitching, they have defense, they have offense.  Their organization is deep, not just on the 25-man roster.  They’re having to make trades to make roster spots, not just sending players down.

NL Playoffs

Philadelphia Phillies over St Louis Cardinals

Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton outduel Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright as the Cards’ defense fails them in a four-game set.  A healthy Hamels has been the key to Philly’s consistency after the 2008 championship.

Chicago Cubs over Los Angeles Dodgers

The Cubs took a step back from their 2008 squad during the off-season, in my humble opinion.  Still, the Dodgers don’t have enough in their lineup surrounding Manny Ramirez to get beyond this point.  The Cubs exorcise at least one demon by moving on in four games.

Chicago Cubs over Philadelphia Phillies

Steve Bartman emerges from hiding at Citizens Bank Park to steal Shane Victorino’s double-ear-flapped batting helmet before Game Seven of the NLCS and all hell breaks loose.  Victorino is forced to use single-flap helmets and goes oh-for-four in the game while committing three errors in center field.  Hamels can’t recover and the Cubs move on to the World Series by a run.


2009 World Series

Tampa Bay Rays over Chicago Cubs

Sorry Cub fans.  I’ve passed you through as far as I can stomach.  This is not the year.  Jason Isringhausen gets another ring, after chalking up his 300th save in August.  Adam Kennedy never made it to the bigs with the Rays, retiring after not even being considered for a September call-up.  Joe Maddon cements his status as an elite MLB manager, but still doesn’t have a contract for 2010 following Tampa’s Series triumph.  Perhaps he’ll be managing somewhere else for the 2010 season???


MVP – Victor Martinez (Cleveland Indians), Albert Pujols (St Louis Cardinals)

Cy Young – CC Sabathia (New York Yankees), Carlos Zambrano (Chicago Cubs)

Rookie of the Year – David Price (Tampa Bay Rays), Daniel Murphy (New York Mets)

Manager of the Year – Eric Wedge (Cleveland Indians), Tony LaRussa (St Louis Cardinals)


Oh what the hell, these are all a crapshoot anyway, right Pip?

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Sarah-bug April 3, 2009

I was a little doubtful right up until “Jason Isringhausen gets another ring, after chalking up his 300th save in August.”

I’m with you all the way! Go Rays! 😀

PHE April 3, 2009

I knew I could reel you in with one simple Izzy reference. Hook. Line. Cutter.

gforce April 4, 2009

I’m not much of a prediction guy, but I’ll go with you except for the Yanks making the playoffs. I do love seeing A-Roid choke, but I would rather see Boston make it and get swept.

In the NL race, it is hard to see Chicago making the WS. It does need to happen once every 20-25 years to give the baby bears hope before it gets dashed away in a 4-0 sweep.

PHE April 5, 2009

Yeah, the A-Rod injury may well have a big affect on the race – but methinks the Yankees are anxious to prove they don’t need him as well.

As for the Cubs, I would find it somewhat entertaining for them to reach that point and be disappointed again. 🙂

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