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Last night marked another edition of UCB Radio Hour.  We hosted, Daniel from C70 joined us, and we had several solid questions from callers and chat members alike.

As always, you can listen via the iTunes podcast link (click on the UCB logo at right) or you can use this here fancy player from BlogTalkRadio:


The UCB Roundtable continues, with many great questions this past week:

March 6: Fungoes (main scoreboard at Busch)
March 9: Whiteyball (Colby Rasmus)
March 10: The Cardinal Virtue (Cardinal Mt. Rushmore)
March 11: Cardinal Diaspora (scrappiness)
March 12: 4thebirds…. (Mozeliak’s offseason)

Check them out – we’re doing our best here to participate in as many of these as possible, but they are definitely hard to keep track of!


Just for reference sake, below are some links to a few more reactions to Joe Posnanski’s Albert Pujols article in Sports Illustrated:

C70 at the Bat


la Beisbolista

They’re not all positive – but all represent their point well – great reads.


Finally, I leave you with another cool little thing found randomly through the magic of Google and the weaved links of the interwebs.

Salary vs Performance is a cool little interactive grid of sorts that shows what MLB teams got for their spending.  The graph linked above shows the end of the 2008 season, hopefully they continue for 2009.

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