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It just so happens lots of interesting things have been dropped onto our desk in recent days, so figured why not share with the loyal readers (all three of you).

Without further ado, the linkage:

  • Braden Looper was scratched from another spring start for the Brewers because of a bad oblique.  I wish Braden all the success in the world as a starting pitcher, and would much rather have him (healthy) in Cardinal camp than Joel Pineiro, but doesn’t that non-tender look pretty smart now?  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Mozeliak could’ve seen this injury lingering around, but between what Looper would’ve made in arbitration had the Cardinals offered it – and now having issues getting ready for the season – looks like ole Mo may know what he’s doing after all, eh?
  • I’m not sure why I hadn’t seen this prior to this morning, but here are the CHONE Projected Standings for 2009.  For those of you unfamiliar with the CHONE ratings, Angels fan Sean Smith puts them together at  Fascinating stuff to go along with the other projection systems out there.  Look at those Cubbies coming back to the pack!
  • Chris Duncan was in the lineup today against a World Baseball Classic-depleted Mets squad and fell a double short of hitting for the cycle.  Well, ok, he kind-of almost hit for the cycle.  All accounts point to a double with an error being “Spring scored” a triple – so he was probably more accurately short a triple of hitting for the cycle.  His home run was an absolute bomb though, traveling over 475 feet according to Rick Hummel.  If Duncan’s healthy, what does he mean to this Cardinal team?  Does he block Colby Rasmus?  Does he provide a decent power-hitting OF-1B backup from the left side all season, or will we see him DHing in the Junior League by August?
  • Erik from Future Redbirds (and PAH9, and Beyond the Boxscore), along with Harry, Sky and others from BtB invited NL Central bloggers to drop by today for some Q&A on a live blog.  Erik represented Cardinal Nation well, and I noticed at least one other name I recognized…
  • Former, and now again, Deadspin writer Will Leitch wrote a piece that is apparently going to be a semi-regular feature there called “Ten Humans Of The Week”.  Cardinal writers Matthew Leach and Derrick Goold were featured, primarily on the merits of their adoption of “new media” outlets for reporting.  As mentioned here, Leach and Goold have been Twittering away from Jupiter (@MatthewHLeach and @dgoold respectively).  Once again I implore you, if you’re not already paying attention to these guys on Twitter, you should.  Now.
  • Speaking of Twitter, another prominent St Louis scribe has joined the fray.  Follow updates (and some banter back and forth with Goold and Leach) from Bernie Miklasz on Twitter @miklasz.

Finally, I hope someone besides me gets the reference from the title of this post.  First correct guess in the comments gets to take over PH8 for a day.  (Is that really a prize anyone wants to win?)

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gforce March 4, 2009

So much going on here what to do first!

Well, have to say the Wedding Crashers reference is by far one of my favorite lines. I wish I had the money to pay Wilson and Vaughn to act every night at dinner.

Lil’ Dunc is still toying with us and will hopefully prove us all wrong. I loved his comment about people thinking he would be a ‘jerk’ for going for a double.

Looper was a personal favorite of mine, but then so was AK. Guess I’m a sucker for former Cards.

Have to throw it in — got the UCB post up on RR and can’t wait for Radio Hour, be there!

PHE March 4, 2009

We have a winner on his first try! Let me know when you want to run this thing and I’ll gladly step aside. 🙂

I still think Duncan is going to cause problems (good problems) by swinging a hot bat. LaRussa won’t be afraid to use him, and I hope it’s not at the expense of at-bats (or even a roster slot) for Rasmus. Lest we forget that Duncan was still platooning with a scorching hot Ludwick into early May of last season…

Kennedy had to go – simple as that. He had gotten himself into ‘Rolen territory’ with Tony. Looper would have been welcomed back with open arms by a lot of Cardinal fans, but it wasn’t meant to be. We’ll see if there’s any long-term issues with this injury…may have been for the best.

gforce March 5, 2009

I think we should trade blogs for a day — around the start of the season or so. Opening Day is always special for me so I would pick the Sunday before or right after that.

PHE March 5, 2009

Sounds good to me. Send me an e-mail…

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