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The UCB Preseason Roundtable discussions continue, with Deaner over at Cardinal Nation Globe posting today about choices for a franchise building block – Albert Pujols exempted.

Tomorrow features a great question from Josh at That’s A Winner – I won’t spoil it, but it’s very pertinent to the Cardinal outlook for coming years.


Tomorrow night, I get to play host again for UCB Radio Hour.  We will once again be chatting about Spring Training and the return of live baseball.  The Cardinals open up the spring season tomorrow, with a lineup that could be very telling for the 2009 season.  Please join us for Radio Hour – the more callers we get, the better the show is – call in for 5 minutes [ (646) 929-1758 ] and ask some questions of our brilliant bloggers.


If you’re not checking them out already, Derrick Goold and Matthew Leach are down at Spring Training and twittering to the rest of us poor saps what they’re seeing in Jupiter.  Today featured a wild ‘coach-pitch’ game fostered by manager Tony LaRussa.


Finally, some of you have probably noticed a few more design changes taking place here over the last week or two.  I’ve taken the opportunity of the off-season to perform some upgrades on the site.  Notably (with links to the code suppliers, as a manner of thanks) – we now have links to Related Posts at the bottom of each post page, we have inserted an Add This button at the bottom of every post so you loyal readers (all three of you) can share PH8 posts with your favorite news sites or friends, the Greet Box has been added for those folks arriving via search engines or otherwise to help them navigate around, and finally we’ve switched to WP to Twitter plugin for firing off our links into the Twitterverse.  Some of these things you will notice, some you won’t.  Hopefully they are not too intrusive, and if you see something you don’t like – please let me know!

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Jack Jones February 26, 2009

I just want to say thanks for making the changes to the site. Having related posts helps the reader find more articles they would probably be interested in if they read the current one, and the WP to Twitter helps keep me posted on when news articles are posted. Keep up the good work guys!

PHE February 26, 2009

Thanks for reading along Jack!

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