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by on January 5, 2009 · 8 comments

Matthew Leach, Cardinals beat writer for, put up a post today about the Aaron Miles “situation” on his blog Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer.

First, if you don’t read Matthew’s blog, you should. When he does write over there (yes, that’s an open poke at Matthew to get him to write there more) it’s always excellent with great insight, especially since he’s living and breathing Cardinals on a daily basis.

Second, Matthew sums up my thoughts on the Miles saga perfectly. In short, it’s not about whether you think he’s a superstar or not, it’s not about whether you think he’s a plus or minus fielder, it’s about whether he can be expected to reproduce his career year from 2008.  At the salary he will receive, it’s a gamble on Miles actually earning it.

The Cardinals are not (and I agree) willing to bet on Miles at that price.  The opportunity cost is just too high.

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PTPTPT January 5, 2009

Addition by subtraction for the Cards. Looks like Miles was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bad signings by the Cubs.

PHE January 5, 2009

Mutual beneficiaries – Cards got a high value ’08 out of Miles, Miles got a big dollar deal out of the Cubs based on earning at-bats with the Cards.

Definitely one of those “appreciated your effort, but it is a business” sort of endings.

chetthejet January 6, 2009

If you could ask Matthew Leach one question right now, what would it be?

PHE January 6, 2009

Probably the one that I will ask him tomorrow night on the UCB Radio show. 😉

StLCards January 6, 2009

The big question with losing Miles is who’s going to pitch now 😉

I can think of another ‘utility’ player that wasn’t given a chance to start here, but went on to pretty good things as a starter despite the Cardinals saying he wasn’t starter material. That would be Placido Polanco. I believe he was 28, but I still think the comparison is legit. That’s not to say I think Miles will be a great starter, but he really was never given a chance. Switch hitter, not really that many years of major league experience despite his age, plays with a lot of heart. I could think of worse players to sign to play 2B. Probably could have had him for a decent price if they would have offered him something.

I think the real problem was Kennedy being entrenched at 2B with his contract. If Kennedy wasn’t around, then you could have justified Miles starting at 2B. I’m actually glad Miles is getting a chance to start and wish him well, at least on the days where his success still results in a Cubs loss.

PHE January 6, 2009

Eh – at 400+ at bats, Miles was about as close to a starter as you can get without being ‘anointed’ a starter.

I just don’t think the Cards front office ever saw Miles as a full-time player at one particular position.

chetthejet January 6, 2009

Leaving us in suspense, huh?

One of the Busch Birds hasn’t confirmed as guest, so can you plan on being a guest either way?

Let me know if you can, so I can cue you in early for help with ML.

PHE January 6, 2009

I should be around and listening. I’ll shoot you an e-mail tomorrow.

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