UCB Radio, Khalil Greene, Paul DePodesta, and Derrick Goold

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It’s smorgasboard time at PH8.

We made another appearance (albeit brief, at the end of the show) on UCB Radio on Wednesday night.  Chet from 4thebirds did the hosting, and he did a wonderful job at that.  It’s a great listen, you can check it out in the little box at the top right up there.

By now you’ve all heard or read about the Khalil Greene trade.  Greene comes to St Louis in exchange for Mark Worrell and a player to be named later.  There may also be cash coming the Cards’ way in the deal, depending on who you ask.  Some believe the cash could depend on who the PTBNL is.  I don’t have much to add on Greene stat-wise or otherwise that hasn’t already been said.  This has become a very polarizing move in Cardinal fan-dom, lots of folks like it – lots of folks hate it.  What I do have are lots of opinions on what this trade could mean for the rest of the Cardinals’ off-season.  More to come on that later…

Paul DePodesta, an Executive Vice-President with the Padres, wrote a nice post about the trade on his blog It Might Be Dangerous… You Go First.  You might remember DePodesta from his stints as General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his appearance in Moneyball when he was an Assistant GM for the A’s under Billy Beane.  DePodesta seems to think that Greene could blossom in St Louis.

Finally, esteemed Cardinal writer and friend of Cardinal bloggers everywhere, Derrick Goold landed a radio show gig (scroll to the bottom) on the new FM sports talk 101.1 in St Louis.  The show will run 8a-10a on Sundays, starting in February.  Hopefully 101.1 will have streaming audio on their website, so I can listen here…  Congrats Derrick!

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chetthejet December 5, 2008

Thanx, PHE.

I’ve moved the Dec. 10 (Wednesday) show to the new UCB account on BTR, still set for 10:00 p.m. CT. (2 hour slot)

Your readership should know that you will have a significant role in this Special Winter Meeting Edition of UCB Radio. Details to come (from C70)

PHE December 5, 2008

Sounds great Chet – I’ll make another post as we get there, but Chet is right – the plan is to help host the Dec. 20th show of UCB.

Everyone should listen and call in!

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