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The announcements are in and Sir Albert has brought home another well deserved MVP Award. You can listen to the conference call, watch video, etc from the link above.

Highlights : Elbow is doing good 🙂  Will be cleared to do weight lifting soon, but can’t push too much.

Other questions surrounded the fact that the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs. Was he surprised to win?

Good point made by a Milwaukee reporter that Albert doesn’t strike out like other power hitters. Work hard, patience, trust your hands.  Always learning.

AP reporter asks what does most valuable mean? Not his decision, laughs.

Albert most proud of his batting average. Keeping up all year with these hard throwing pitchers is tough. Hit conistently and the other numbers will follow. Tony set him straight on that importance in 2001. Walks are ok, can’t think about it, try not to expand strike zone.

Elbow pain question, had some pain, tingling later in the year really bothered him, couldn’t feel pinky, concerned about. Surgery was to prevent that from getting worse. 75% of pain was from nerve and not ligament. Still a chance for TJ surgery, but for now things look good.

What should happen to make team better? Bullpen, starting, hitting.  Cards will always put out a team that won’t embarrass you. Give credit to Cubs and Milw.  Didn’t really expect much of an answer on that lol.

Will celebrate with family and kids tonight. Maybe a good night to go to Pujols5!

I think Harold Reynolds says it really well here.

Congrats to Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Certainly earning a MVP award takes a nice surrounding cast of players.

Will be very interesting to see who that cast is in 2009 🙂

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chetthejet November 18, 2008

I like the point about the “surrounding cast.”

How could any MVP win the award without a good one?

PHE November 18, 2008

Excellent recap, Kirk.

I think the Cards all year long had a horribly underrated supporting cast.

The question is, is that cast “good enough to compete” or is it a cast of winners?

I think they still need to add a couple parts to find the magic…

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