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In my desire to always provide you, my loyal readers (all three of you), with the best possible experience while you’re on the site, I’ve been looking at ways to try to clean things up around here a bit.

  1. Getting rid of the calendar – I think it just looks a bit haphazard and doesn’t really provide much benefit.  All the archives can be accessed via the monthly links below, or the categories drop-down at the right, or just scrolling through pages.
  2. No more Google News links – Every time I bother to look closely at them, they always seem to be betting lines or something unrelated to Cardinal news, so bye bye Google.
  3. Do you all enjoy the Redbird Tweets?  I’ve admittedly been lax in posting them, I thought it would be a cool idea, but obviously I have to stay up on them.  If they’re useless, let me know, and they’re gone-zo too.

So, those are my plans – I would also welcome any other feedback you might have, things you want to see, things you want to go bye bye – heck, you can make suggestions on things you want me to write about.  This is your forum for helping me make this site better for you.


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StLCards September 16, 2008

Calendar doesn’t add much. A better alternative would be a calendar showing the Cardinals games and then maybe having a link to the box score or preview or something. Showing the starting pitchers and time in the box would be useful if it could be automated somehow. With all of that information then maybe having a link from there to posts on PHE would be more meaningful as it would jog your memory of what happened on a given day. Maybe that information could be separate from a calendar and replace the Google News feed section.

Maybe instead the calendar could have a topic listed in the calendar? So what that would entail having a calendar with a small date and an open box for text. Then for example, it could say in the Sept 15th box, Yost Fired. Maybe the tweets could go directly into a given day of the calendar so that you could update it from the road? Maybe you could hover over the day with the cursor and have a small text box pop up with that information? Just some thoughts.

I’ve ofen thought it would be nice that if someone posted a comment then that topic should propogate to the top so that we know it has had a comment and it is easy to find to read and reply to. Just a way to keep interesting posts near the top. For instance, if I wanted to comment on the 7 prospect topic, it would be nice if that popped back up to the top. That would be a nice way to keep certain topics grouped, say like a thread on Carpenter or Rasmus. Rather than a new thread everytime a bit of new news came out, we could just search for the existing one and add to it with it popping up to current status.

I think the Tweets are interesting and also allows you to post info from the road. You could also use that to update your status etc. On the road until Thursday, or whatever.

Just some ideas 🙂

PHE September 16, 2008

I’d love to have a “Preview/Box Score” section on the site – that will be a long-term project though, as I’d have to find/program a widget that will allow me to do it fairly easily and automate it besides.

The calendar will already provide you a list of the posts from that day if you hover on it long enough (at least it does for me).

The nature of the news pretty much precludes a situation where a comment would pop a post to the top. The most current needs to be the most visible. I did, however, add an option on each post a while back that will allow you to receive an e-mail anytime someone posts a comment on a topic. There should be a check-box at the bottom of each post giving you that option. Failing that, there’s also the search box at the bottom of the site that will allow you to find pretty much anything you’re looking for that exists within the site.

I’ll probably stick with the Tweets for now – I just need to find what exactly the niche is that I’ll use it for.

Thanks for your insight as always, Kirk. 🙂

Sarah-bug September 16, 2008

I, too, like the tweets. Can they be ga-jiggled so that a girl could comment on them? No boys, though, of course.

PHE September 16, 2008

Hrmm… that’s a tough one.

I know that the plug-in that I use will allow them to be posted to the main site as well – but I was afraid that would clutter things up too much.

I reckon I could have the tweets stand on their own as posts as well – it’d just push the “nuts and bolts” posts down the page a bit sometimes.

Of course, I have been allowing it to post a weekly recap of the Tweets – I guess that’s a bit too late to get your own thoughts on there and have them mean anything, eh? 🙂

Sarah-bug September 17, 2008

I suppose I could keep a journal of my thoughts and then reply in bulk when your tweets get posted.
(Or I could do something productive.)

PHE September 17, 2008

Ok – a couple things.

Sarah, unfortunately, I still don’t have anything for you for commenting on individual Tweets. 🙁

On another note though, I have removed the calendar and added a ‘Recent Comments’ section. While it’s not exactly what StLCards asked for, I hope it will allow folks to keep track of what the hot topics on the site are.

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