Countdown to All Star 2009

by on July 16, 2008 · 4 comments

So apparently I picked a bad year to completely ignore the All-Star festivities.

Josh Hamilton belted 28 home runs in his first round of the Home Run Derby Monday night.

Last night was more drama, as the American League beat the Nationals (yet again) 4-3, in what some are already calling the “greatest All-Star game ever.”

Oh well, life will go on.  As in, 363 days from now, you can be sure I’ll be paying attention to the All Star Game (and surrounding activities) as it will descend on St Louis in 2009.

I know this is not news to most, if any, of you.  I think it’s important to note, however, in terms of the boon that the All-Star Game could and should be to the city of St Louis.  This year’s team has renewed interest in the game and the park after the Cards lost their sell-out streak and saw attendance drop with last season’s sub-par effort.  This year’s epic 15-inning battle in Yankee Stadium could perhaps renew interest in the All-Star Game itself.  Not to mention, in the home park, we should get a glimpse of Albert Pujols in the Home Run Derby.

So chin up good Cardinal fans, the time is soon coming for us to represent the best of the entire Major Leagues to the world.  Let’s top the show that grand ole House That Ruth Built put on.  And to those of you so inclined, good luck getting tickets.

If only Ballpark Village would’ve been finished for this…

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tom@cardinalsgm July 16, 2008

Ballpark Village… DeWitt’s hole. Are they one and the same?

That is a shame what that looks like right now.

BTW: I added your site to my links.

PHE July 16, 2008

One and the same – and apparently Mayor Francis is none too happy either, according to this link from an article by the RFT’s The Rundown today:

Now, how much of that is posturing on his part can be speculated upon, but I have to believe that sooner or later the city is going to lay a heavy hand on that piece of ground. It sure looks like hell right now.

Thanks for the link, I’ve got you linked as well.

StLCards July 17, 2008

Will we see Pujols, or will he be recovering from off season surgery? I really haven’t heard any mention of it lately, but at some point that is going to happen.

PHE July 17, 2008

My understanding of the elbow issue was that he was planning to play with it as long as he could until something more severe forced surgery. I mean, this is an old, old injury.

I think if they were willing to let him play this, a “lost” if you will, season in its current condition, I have to believe he wouldn’t sit out next year when certainly expectations will be higher for the team.

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