Researching the enemy (and some scouting too)

by on June 25, 2008 · 3 comments

Ok, so I’m not a professional scout – nor would I consider myself even an amateur scout – but it sounds like a much better excuse for me attending the Cubs-Orioles game at Wrigley last night than just “my buddy had an extra ticket.”

Some notes from the game that would be of interest to other Cardinal fans:

  • Harry Caray’s Steakhouse in Chicago probably would’ve been ok with the Cubs winning their 15th straight home game on Tuesday night, but their bottom line is probably happier with the loss.  Harry’s was selling draft beers for 45 cents each until the Cubs lost at home.
  • While it is still weird to see Jim Edmonds in blue and white pinstripes, I’m happy to see him succeed again.  He hit another home run Monday night, this one a three-run job.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s finally getting into somewhat healthy shape again?
  • If I could have Chrismas in June, I would ask for Brian Roberts wrapped up neatly and ready to play wearing the Birds-on-the-Bat.  Roberts was three-for-five, with a triple, two runs scored, and a run batted in.  He is a prototypical lead-off hitter (at least as prototypical as you can find one these days), and would easily seam into the Cardinal lineup.  Only problem?  I don’t envision the Orioles doing any selling as long as they are continuing to win.  I also don’t envision the Cardinals being able, or more importantly, willing, to send the O’s what they will desire in trade for Roberts.  Sigh.  A man can dream…
  • George Sherrill has nasty stuff.  Just filthy.  Yes, he loaded up the bases and made it as dramatic as a patented Jason Isringhausen ninth-inning, but the three straight strikeouts of Ronny Cedeno, Kosuke Fukudome, and Henry Blanco showcased how nasty he can be when he is on his game.  Another guy I can wish upon a star that the Cards had at their disposal in the bullpen.
  • Speaking of the Fukudome strikeout, I am wondering if Sherrill just made the blueprint for pitching to Kosuke.  First pitch, high and tight – and hard.  Next three pitches were sick sliders that finished away from the hitter.  Kosuke weakly flailed at the pitches, being set down on three pitches after the first one up-and-in.  Are you paying attention Randy Flores?  Something tells me this situation might arise for you at some stage this season.
  • Jeremy Guthrie impressed me during his start.  He’s been the victim of poor run support while compiling a 4-7 record this season.  He was still hitting 94-95 mph on the stadium gun during the sixth inning.
  • Despite my obvious alliance and loyalty to the Cardinals, it’s still hard to beat watching a game from the bleachers at Wrigley.  *ducks*

Ok, ok – enough about other teams – bully for the Cardinals for steaming into Comerica Park and taking the first game of the Detroit series.  Hoping they can get tonight’s game restarted here soon – the radar is looking like it’s clearing up.

I’ll catch up on Cards versus Tigers tomorrow – in the meantime, keep hoping and wishing for a Sherrill or Roberts under your tree…

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Ron June 26, 2008

You play OOTP, you’re more of a scout than you think. 😉

PHE June 26, 2008

Nah, I play with the scouting off. 😉

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