If you think giving up walks is bad

by on June 19, 2008 · 1 comment

…then you haven’t seen anything yet!

So apparently, just to spite me and my post from last night, lambasting the amount of walks surrendered by the Cards’ bullpen this season, Chris Perez went out this afternoon and one-upped me.

Yes Chris, you have proven your point.

Giving up a walk is not the worst thing you can do.  Giving up a walk AND THEN a home run?  Far, far worse.

Not that I think it mattered, the Cards’ post-Pujols-to-the-DL adrenaline appears to have worn off, as they scored a measly four runs in three games against the Royals.  When I said a few times over the last two weeks that the Cards needed a sweep, apparently I needed to clarify that they shouldn’t be on the receiving end of said sweep.

Brad Thompson wasn’t horrible in his start, but he didn’t seem to be the answer everyone was looking for to buoy the rotation until they get some juice back either.  Hopefully Todd Wellemeyer can bounce back for his next turn.

Probably more importantly, hopefully the Cards staff is right when they believe that Albert Pujols will be back sooner than later.  Bernie Miklasz over at the Post-Dispatch said it succinctly and accurately:  The Cards aren’t the same without Pujols.

In the meantime, I still think it will be interesting to see how the bullpen shakes out as Wellemeyer comes back, and Mark Mulder tries to push his way back onto the big club.  Perez didn’t help his case for staying up any with today’s performance.  Thompson figures to stick in the long relief/spot start role.  Is that the end of the changes?

I have a sneaking suspicion after today’s move to put Anthony Reyes on the disabled list that it is nothing more than a “reason” to send Reyes back to Memphis when he is “healthy” rather than option him outright, further admitting to teams that might be interested in trading that he is increasingly reaching a lower and lower sell price for Mozeliak.

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PHE June 19, 2008

Wow, I’m just setting everyone up to fail by mentioning their names, huh?

Mulder at Memphis tonight was an ugly sight.

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