Mark Cuban to buy the Cubs?

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Surely by now you’ve heard all the rumors and the bluster swirling around Mark Cuban and the impending sale of the Chicago Cubs.

If not, try looking here.

Buster Olney over at doesn’t think Cuban’s got much of a shot:

Mark Cuban seems to be aggressively pursuing the Cubs, in the face of a lot of skepticism about whether baseball owners would accept the maverick owner into their club. But sources within ownership circles reiterated on Monday that they view John Canning as the strong front-runner to buy the Cubs.

This saga took an interesting turn today when The Tribune Co. refused the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority’s bid to buy Wrigley Field.  Or, vice-versa, depending on where you read the news.

So the Cubs and Wrigley Field are all up for auction basically – with a list of MLB approved bidders (of which Cuban is one) – putting their best foot forward for the owners to vote upon.

There has been talk of Cuban cooling his antics lately, trying to keep an even keel and provide a sense of calm for the MLB ownership, in an effort to improve his chances.  Cuban is serious about this, as a life-long Cubs fan, and a businessman.

“My job is to convince everybody involved that not only is it a good financial move to sell to Mark Cuban but … I can add value beyond just my checkbook to not just the Cubs, to not just the city of Chicago, but also to Major League Baseball,”

What does all of this have to do with the Cardinals, you ask?  And more importantly, why do I (or you) care?

I think the guy would be great for baseball.  His players in Dallas love him, he sticks up for what he believes (maybe a downside to the MLB owners), and he isn’t afraid to throw cash around to get what he wants.  Fix up Wrigley Field so they don’t have to build a stadium in the suburbs?  Sounds like a great idea – here’s a couple hundred million for renovations (I know, I’m reaching, but you get my drift).

More importantly, I think he’d be great for the Cards-Cubs rivalry.  Who better to put more heat into the situation than a guy who isn’t afraid to throw money at players to build a winner, isn’t afraid to pop off at the mouth to get something heated up, and finally, has been a life-long Cubs fan.

Hell, maybe it’d be a bad thing for the Cardinals if he winds up buying the Cubs.  He just might be able to beat that goat.

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Mark Murrell June 10, 2008

Cuban is the best suitor for the job;

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