Sunday Spitballs – 06.01.08

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I’m going to try to start writing a weekly Sunday post which just kind of highlights my thoughts throughout the weekend. Here goes:

  • Speaking of Jimenez, can anyone tell me how many options the Cardinals have left to exhaust on this guy? Can’t we just give up on him now?
  • Congrats Joe Mather on your first big-league hit and RBI, Friday night. Joey Bombs has also excelled in the field, making a couple of great plays in the right field corner Friday night.
  • CP63 gave up his first big-league earned run today. So what. Keep throwing the 97 mph heat, Chris!
  • Rick Ankiel is making a lot of people forget/care less about Jim Edmonds playing for the Cubs. Ank’s catch today in center field was what many would call “classic Edmonds” – but it’s quickly becoming “classic Ankiel”.
  • Chris Duncan was 0 for 4 in his first start with Memphis Saturday night. I’ll reserve judgment on Dunc until he gets a week’s worth or so in at AAA.
  • Saturday’s game sucked. The result sucked. The pitching sucked. The weather sucked. BUT, the Cards still have taken two games in this series from the (suddenly thorn-in-the-side) Pirates. If these guys can win two games in most of their series from here out, this will be a magical season for the Redbirds.
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Double A June 2, 2008

If you haven’t seen Worrel’s delivery yet, you and a number of other Cardinals fans will be in for head scratcher. I’m glad the kid got the call, though…and he is EXTREMELY tough on right handers, so Flores just may have found his 7th inning mate.

Mulder…done. Clement…done. Carpenter…don’t bank on Carp being Carp…the number of pitchers who’ve had two TJ’s and come back at anything resembling successful you can count on one hand…with fingers to spare. I’m praying he is servicable and can still get his fastball up to 91 and that the hammer doesn’t shred his arm. Chris O’leary’s inverted L theory is holding true with Carp…sigh.

Biggest Break Out of the Year: Todd Wellemeyer…putting up legit #2 numbers…

PHE June 3, 2008

Last night would’ve been the perfect opportunity to put Worrell in to pitch the eighth after CP63 shut down the rally in the seventh. Sigh.

Welle deserves his PotM award – he’s been very good.

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