Once again it’s done with starting pitching

by on May 26, 2008 · 4 comments

Adam Wainwright got back on track with a start we all knew he could make.  Kyle Lohse made a start that was very capable and within himself.  Todd Wellemeyer didn’t do too badly himself.

Take away a bloop single that Chris Duncan Soriano-ed (ok, and the wild pitch too), and this was a very successful weekend series for the Cardinals.  Given those events, it’s still a successful one, just without the modifier.

A 4-2 West Coast swing for the Birds has pulled them even with the rival Cubs, leading up to today’s off-day, a luxurious second in 5 days for the Cards.  The Cubbies return home today to face the same Dodgers the Cards just finished up with.

A few thoughts from this series:

  1. The Cardinals manufactured runs when they needed to.  They certainly didn’t explode for 11 like they did in San Diego, but they squeezed out runs when necessary.  Reference the 2-1 victory Friday night and scoring in the top of the 7th to re-knot the game yesterday.
  2. The starting pitching, despite some occasional hiccups, will continue to carry this team the rest of the season, whether Mark Mulder, Chris Carpenter, and/or Matt Clement return or not.
  3. This bullpen IS salvageable.  Mike Parisi’s loss on Sunday notwithstanding (in my opinion, once you get to extra innings, it can’t be considered “blowing” a game, first run wins), the bullpen performed admirably against the Dodgers.  From closing out the one-run victory Friday night, preserving the shutout Saturday night, even sticking tough on Sunday – these boys appear to be mentally right again (*knock on wood*).
  4. The Cardinals are starting to prove they belong.  Remember when they “hadn’t played anyone yet”?  Well, the Dodgers were only a few games behind the Cardinals in the standings when the series started, and the Birds took two of three.  I guarantee you the Cubs and Houston noticed.

All told, I was very pleased with the outcome of this weekend’s games.  Another day to rest and recuperate today, and then it’s on with the ‘Stros tomorrow.  Bring it on!

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Double A May 27, 2008

I hate to sell low, but I would think the Cardinals are motivated to trade Duncan. Package him with Reyes and score a young middle infielder.

We’ve got Joey Bombs absolutely crushing the ball in Memphis and his right-handed-ness would offset the lefties, including Rasmus when he comes up in Sept./2009. I’ve seen Mather play a few times and he’s smoother then Duncan in the OF…not saying much…but he’s servicable out there…plus some corner infield skills in a pinch. We’ve got a glut of OF’ers though, so Mo needs to be working the lines.

PHE May 27, 2008

Oh absolutely. Not sure about the trade market for middle infielders yet, many teams still trying to decide if they’re in or out.

But as for players Mo currently has control over, I suspect Mather will be the next one up, be it injury replacement or otherwise. He could fill a huge role on this team, as Ryan continues to prove he is not a valid option backing up 3B.

Double A May 28, 2008

Mather vs. Ryan at 3B may be a wash. I’ve seen Mather play some 1B at Springfield…halfway smooth fielder…but have to question his hot corner abilities given his lankiness. He does have 3B on the resume though…just don’t hold your breath for someone slick over there.

PHE May 29, 2008

Ah – touché – I knew he came in as a 3B but didn’t realize he hadn’t played there since his first season in the organization

That said, probably still can’t be much worse than Ryan.

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