Yadier ejected – leaves gear in case Tony wants to catch

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Yadier Molina was ejected from last night’s debacle in Milwaukee after arguing balls and strikes. LaRussa was also ejected, after coming to Yadi’s defense.

Now, obviously this opinion will vary between those who live in St. Louis and/or are Cardinals fans and those who don’t like the Cards. But after seeing the video of the incident, I think LaRussa has a valid point:

“I thought it was really unfair because Yadier has got a reputation for being as respectful and as professional out there,” La Russa said. “… I don’t understand how (Schreiber) could be so impatient with a guy who has established that he’s a real pro.”

Obviously, I’m sure Yadi had some choice words – and it’s never as simple as he tried to make it:

“Everything was OK,” Molina said. “It was that pitch. I asked him where it was. He didn’t like it, and he threw me out.”

At any rate, expect there to be some lingering fallout from this tantrum. Molina threw his chest protector toward umpire Paul Schreiber, and it hit him in the leg. We all know umps are untouchable (and fragile to boot, or is that just their egos?) so this will surely result in about a three-game suspension or so. Nevermind the fact that Yadi showed him up (and I thought it was pretty damn funny).

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