05.06.08 – Cardinals vs. Rockies

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Sorry for no live game thread – had to go embarrass myself playing softball tonight.

First things first – thank you Rick Ankiel. What is that, 7 times now he has had the “winning” RBI or “go-ahead” RBI? In this case it was well before anyone knew it would be a problem, but important home run, nonetheless.

Second, I call out Braden Looper for making starts of the six inning variety, and he goes out and tosses 8.1 innings of what really was great ball. Ryan Franklin screwed him in the end. Yeah yeah, I know, those runners were Looper’s. Well, Franklin gets paid to come in and shut the door on the batters behind them after Looper has thrown 114 pitches. Ironic that the one strength last year’s team had was the bullpen, this year the bullpen has been their main problem area.

Franklin and Russ Springer are counted on to be their main setup guys, and until tonight, Franklin had not disappointed. Springer on the other hand, has left a lot to be desired.

Count me in the band of Kyle McClellan supporters. Franklin used to be a starter, he should be great in the role of middle relief. Springer, well, Springer might be one of the odd-men out when they have to sort out this starting rotation mess.  So let McClellan be your eighth inning guy, with a little Flores and Villone sprinkled in for specialist duty, and call it a day.

I seem to remember another young, wet behind the ears pitcher making some noise in the bullpen during his rookie year.

Finally, since me calling out players on this site apparently works (hey, I’m one-for-one) … Troy Glaus – YOU SHOULD START HITTING HOME RUNS.

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